Rieken Family | Lifestyle Family Sunrise Session | Richmond Family Photographer

Rieken Family | Lifestyle Family Sunrise Session | Richmond Family Photographer

It was a beautiful and quiet morning filled with lots of snuggles, flower picking, toe-dips into the water and shoulder rides. It was such an honor to be the one to give the Rieken family snapshots of sweet moments with their newer addition at the place they now call home.


Winter is coming!!!  Well, it's already here.  I can't be the only parent out there that feels like they're prepping for a Game of Thrones battle when the countdown to winter break begins.  It's two weeks of me trying to keep my kids from going stir-crazy.  They are easily bored and when the boredom strikes, they start turning into gremlins and fighting. So being cooped up in the house for days at a time is a recipe for disaster. 

It was only 9AM and they started to turn. IT WAS ONLY 9AM!!!!!! I knew I had to get them out of the house ASAP.  I went online and looked for places to go.  After gasping several times at admission fees, I stumbled across the Children's Museum of Richmond.  Admission was affordable, the boys would be able to nap during the hour drive there, they would be able to burn off some energy and...... Momma would have an excuse to not cook and dine in Richmond.  Richmond is my number one favorite city to dine out in Virginia.  

When we arrived to the museum the parking lot was full.  If I said that I didn't say "SHIT" in my mind while parking i'd be lying. Thankfully when we went in, 90% of the people there were in line for Santa.  Talk about a sigh of relief.  We paid under $40 for our family of four, got our wristbands and the adventure began. The first area we started at was Dino Land.  I'm not sure that is actually what it was called but it was an area with dinosaurs so.... why not?! 

There was a big sand box to dig up fossils, dinosaurs to play with and..... 

even giant dinosaurs to ride on!!!!

Mason was clearly not a fan..

There's just something so traumatic about riding a dinosaur.  Maybe he was upset because they are no longer with us.  To calm him down we went to the next station.  Want to know what's amazing to me?  The fact that it's the simplest things that keep kids happy and engaged.  There was nothing but yellow balls and a whirlpool tornado thingy of water.  They could've easily spent the whole day here.  My little scientist. 

It took a bit of convincing that the rest of the museum was just as fun for us to move on. 

There was an ambulance for the kids to get in.  

They even had a Wegmans, Y'all!!! 

Seriously this is a place for children to let their imaginations run wild.  It was exciting and inspiring to watch.  The diner was Jayce's favorite.  He had us sit while he prepped and served our meals. 

Jayce gets me. 

After our meal at the diner we went on to put on a show and ride the carousel.

Our final stop was the sun tube exhibit.  There were sheer cloths in many colors that you stuck into the vacuum and watched them fly through the tubes and POOF! They'd surprise you by coming out of a different tube every time.  This exhibit came in as second favorite.  


It was a great two hours spent watching the kids use their imagination and run wild.  It was just what we ALL needed.  Our trip to Richmond ended at The Continental Westhampton where we enjoyed an amazing dinner and shared chocolate shakes for dessert.  

My Fellas | Yorktown Beach

After having my boys away for three days, I wanted our reunion from their summer trip to NYC to be somewhere I knew we could all enjoy- the beach!  A sunset on the beach seemed like the only way I wanted to spend my evening with my fellas.  I rushed home to hug my babies tight and got changed in seconds.  We stopped on the way to the beach, picked up some sandwiches and we were en route to Yorktown beach.  When we got there of course the boys suddenly had no interest in eating.  So Tom and I sat on a blanket and ate while we watched our boys play freely to the sound of Vance Joy in the background.  The weather was perfect.  A little chilly but perfect to me.   I had everything I needed right in front of me.

Jayce(7) grabbed his sea shell bucket and went off with a mission to fill his bucket.  Mason(3) stripped down got into his swim suit and went RUNNING for the sea.  I just sat back smiling, feeling love and inspiration.  Inspiration to get out, explore, get my feet dirty and feel alive.