Rieken Family | Lifestyle Family Sunrise Session | Richmond Family Photographer

I met with the Rieken family right after sunrise to photograph their first family photos since Bryce was born. Before Bryce arrived, Tucker, their sweet dog was the center of their world. With baby Bryce here, that center has grown. While Tucker is no longer the little one of the house, Beth and Chris wanted him to be a part of the session which I was happy to accommodate. I couldn’t help but shift my focus back and forth between Beth and Chris with Bryce, then back to Tucker. He was just too happy to be with us. He’d run into the water, sit, run some more, check on us and shake around. Bryce was another cutie. While he wasn’t completely sold on having his picture being taken right after waking up, we let him him do his thing and lead the way.

It was a beautiful and quiet morning filled with lots of snuggles, flower picking, toe-dips into the water and shoulder rides. It was such an honor to be the one to give the Rieken family snapshots of sweet moments with their newer addition at the place they now call home.