Anwar + Kowther's Wedding | Sterling, Va. | Cherry Blossom Hall | Eritrean Wedding

Anwar and Kowther were gathered by many friends and family to celebrate their wedding day. What a celebration it was!!!! Everyone was happy! You could feel the pride they shared in their Eritrean traditions!! Our day started at the Sheraton, Tyson's Corner, where they met each other in the lobby. Afterwards the wedding party headed outside where their limo awaited to drive them to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to have portraits taken. We were met there by many of their close relatives who traveled from all over to be there. It was loud, cheerful and vibrant. The details in every piece of clothing, on their hands, their jewelry... I was captivated! After portraits we were met and greeted by friends and family at the Cherry Blossom Hall.  Appetizers were being served and guests were mingling before the big ceremony.  The ceremony was done in parts. The first being the men (including Anwar) walking in with an elder saying a prayer. As he prayed they walked through and made their way to the dance floor. Then the groom with his groomsmen went back outside where they met Kowther and her bridesmaids. The next introduction was the bridal party with the finale being the married couple. The volume went up! Through the roof! It was exciting. You could feel the adrenaline and cheer through the room. As Anwar and Kowther made their way to the dance floor, everyone followed; waving flowers over them. It was easily one of the most incredible things I've witnessed. From there the dance floor stayed full, the amazing food was served in abundance and excitement never stopped. 

Meeting Anwar and Kowther was an amazing experience for me. I couldn't be more grateful to kick off the wedding season with such a larger than life celebration. I'm excited to hear of their new big plans for their future on the West Coast and their stunning honeymoon in Paris.