Melissa | Fort Monroe | Hampton, Va. | Self-Empowerment Series

"I was nervous at first to model for Rebecca. As a fellow photographer, I’m so used to being BEHIND the camera that I sort of freeze in front of it. I begin to feel anxious and stiff, almost like I have no idea what to do. As a domestic violence/sexual assault survivor and a mother of two, my confidence is in the toilet. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband who is always lifting me up and telling me how beautiful I am (He thinks I should be a model) but I just have the hardest time seeing what he does. From the moment Rebecca started prompting me on where to stand I felt at ease. I was free to be myself but when I’d get stuck or start to feel awkward she was right there giving me something to do with my hands or walk a certain direction and BOOM. Magic happened. I was super excited when we left the session to see what she captured because I actually felt insanely confident for once! I can’t wait to be in front of her camera again, absolutely 100% worth it! She’s a true artist, from one to another!"