Blake| Newport News, Va | Self-Empowerment


"We are broken by others but we mend ourselves."
-Paolo Nutini

So I've recently been inspired to shoot more solo portraits.  There seems to be something that's just so thought-provoking about them, how we see them and what they represent to each of us.  For me it represented a single moment of just me in front of the camera, existing in the moment and hypnotized by the raw intensity of it.  As you can imagine that can and did bring out a lot of emotions.   When I arrived to the shoot location I had never met the two people who would be posing, in fact none of us had ever met before.  Then I see Blake arrive and realize again that it's such a small world.  I've known Blake since middle school.  Needless to say he's blossomed since the 7th grade into the this gorgeous piece you see now. 

Blake has a story, I know it, I've been inspired by it.  I want so badly to go into everything about him but that's my perception.  I already know what he represents to me.  It's up to you to figure out the story he has to tell.