Tiffany | Virginia Beach, Va | Women's Empowerment


"I will tell you this again and again and again; you are enough.  You are so incredibly enough."


Empowerment sessions are great for the soul and I strongly encourage them!  As people caught up in a thing called "life", I think we forget just how truly amazing we really are; inside AND out.


 When I arrived to Tiffany's apartment she had a kettle of water on the stove, matcha and a mug,  along with a goodie bag of cake pops waiting for me.  It was the warmest welcome and just got me more excited to capture her sweet soul. After my matcha, we picked out some outfits and walked a minute (literally) to a private beach outside of her Virginia Beach apartment.  How lucky?! The beach was empty.  It felt as if it was just ours for the moment.  Maybe it was the fact that it was 35 degrees but either way it felt intimate and personal.  We played music and just danced, twirled and laughed with each other.  It was a moment of pure freedom and bliss for us both.  

"It's like tapping back into the old careless, free-spirited me...maybe not knowing what to do or what's coming next, but being guided by HER free spirit. I felt so comfortable with her, just being able to be me---unsure and vulnerable.  At one point I wasn't sure if what I was doing was working for the camera or her vision, but then she laughed and I started laughing too. I know that she is genuine. It was easy and effortless from that point on. I was glad to be her teacher and her student...and vice versa. Seeing the photos afterwards is just complete magic, where I realize she captured the freeness that I was feeling, even when I've forgotten that I'm free."