Sunset Cliffs | San Diego

San Diego.  Oh, San Diego.  How dear you are to my heart.  It's such a beautiful diverse place with so much to do, see, and.... eat!! Tom and I spent our Labor Day weekend kid-free visiting his sister, Kadie and her husband, Ryan, in San Diego, California.  We spent everyday exploring and eating.  What better way to spend a trip out to the West Coast.  Some of the highlights for me were: tacos at Tacos El Gordo(THE BEST), Cafe Gratitude(plant-based on point), walking through the streets of Little Italy, Matcha lattes(I'm a matcha queen) on almost every cafe menu, spending time with family, dancing the night away with friends at Henry's Pub and the beauty of Sunset Cliffs. 

We went out to Sunset Cliffs one of the evenings and even with the clouds covering the sun up..  the landscape, weather, coast and happiness made it such a beautiful experience.  During a time that i'm missing my sister in Honolulu very much, it made my heart full to see my husband and his sister together.  I got to watch them enjoy each others presence, joke about old family photos and bond.  It was a trip I will never forget.  A trip that brought us all closer together through food, dancing and experiences. You know, that San Diego charm.