The Manzlak family | Memories are made in mom's kitchen

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of being invited into the Manzlak home to document what these amazing women love to do together - cook in mom's kitchen.  When I came in I was greeted with smiles, hugs and the sound of Marvin Gaye coming through the speakers.  The music you would hear in my very own kitchen.  Walking in you instantly feel the love.  It was relaxing at the same time of being full of energy.  As the evening went on I saw Nancy, Lindsay and Brooke take ingredients and turn them into art. Seriously!  I thought I was stepping up my cheese board  game but damn was I proven wrong.  I have lots to learn.  These boards were absolutely stunning and so colorful.

Effortless is an understatement for this family.  The love and laughter was genuine and it was in abundance. While they made memories with each other, they sent me off smiling with memories of my own.  What you experience in Nancy's kitchen is truly something memorable, you become family  and it just made me love what I do that much more.