My Fellas | Yorktown Beach

After having my boys away for three days, I wanted our reunion from their summer trip to NYC to be somewhere I knew we could all enjoy- the beach!  A sunset on the beach seemed like the only way I wanted to spend my evening with my fellas.  I rushed home to hug my babies tight and got changed in seconds.  We stopped on the way to the beach, picked up some sandwiches and we were en route to Yorktown beach.  When we got there of course the boys suddenly had no interest in eating.  So Tom and I sat on a blanket and ate while we watched our boys play freely to the sound of Vance Joy in the background.  The weather was perfect.  A little chilly but perfect to me.   I had everything I needed right in front of me.

Jayce(7) grabbed his sea shell bucket and went off with a mission to fill his bucket.  Mason(3) stripped down got into his swim suit and went RUNNING for the sea.  I just sat back smiling, feeling love and inspiration.  Inspiration to get out, explore, get my feet dirty and feel alive.