Lindsay + Beau | Texas Beach | RVA | Engaged + Expecting

First, I must start off by saying that i've been swooning over this session for days now.  Each time I look back at these photos, I see more and more comfort.  Their comfort with each other, love and building a life together.  When Lindsay found me online, she said she didn't want anything super posed and that she wanted to be captured with her fiancé, Beau, doing what they love.  I already loved the sounds of this.  She then said that she wanted their session to take place hiking and getting cozy in a hammock by the river in Richmond.  UMMMM YESSSS!!!  Everything about this was music to my ears.  I absolutely love photographing people doing something they love with the ones they love.  

Lindsay and Beau met through mutual friends and had their first date at Texas beach so having their session there was something that meant a lot to them.  Only this time they were coming to their favorite spot engaged and expecting!  EEE!! So exciting!!  Beau proposed to Lindsay back in October at The National while seeing the band Primus -- A favorite of theirs. 

The day of our session we were gifted 50 degree weather and overcast skies!  While I'm all up for adventure, cold weather is not something I think I will ever get used to.  Beau and Lindsay arrived to their session with their two pups, Quin and Mud.  One of those pups sure lived up to his name.  They were all so sweet, I immediately felt like I knew Lindsay, Beau, Quin and Mud.  They were all so inviting, down to earth and comfortable.  Comfortable with me and each other. To get to our destination we had to hike, climb some stairs (my legs are still feeling it) which led to a tunnel over some railroad tracks and then to a steel staircase that was covered in art.  Street art and murals are something I have complete admiration for, so it was an unexpected treat for me and it just kept adding points to just how rad Beau and Lindsay are.

When we arrived to the river,  it was such a simple yet breathtaking view.  It was quiet and still.  Almost as if we had it all to ourselves which we kind of did.  You could instantly tell it was a familiar spot for Quin and Mud as they ran wild.  I put on my classic rock playlist consisting of all kinds of goodness such as: Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones and many more great artists.  The music fit in perfectly and we found ourselves singing along as Beau and Lindsay began to set the hammock up.  Shortly after, I was shooting away as Lindsay snuggled up into Beau. 

Can I just also say that I was impressed with how they managed to get a hammock out of a tiny bag and set it up in just minutes?!?  I am now wanting an ENO hammock.  I'm not sure where I will take it yet but the possibilities are endless, right?!?

It didn't take long for the pups to join in on the love too.

The love between Beau and Lindsay was simple, it was pure and it was so effortless.  I gave them the simplest directions and they took it and put all of their love into it.  It was pure magic and I tried not to yell "YASSSS" the whole session but dammit I easily could have. 

I asked them to slow dance and to my surprise, Beau led the way.  He didn't hold back, he happily grabbed Lindsay's hand, twirled and dipped her.  I'm certain he is ready for their first dance. 


The remainder of our session was spent exploring the beautifully wintery Texas beach. 

I'd say that the best part of this all was getting to meet and hang out with this amazing free-spirited couple and Lindsay telling me that she cannot wait to recreate this when their new addition arrives! AHHH!