Family trip to Dean & Dons | My boys | Newport News

We are way behind schedule this year with pumpkin picking but it's better to go late than never!!  This year we skipped the big pumpkin patches and just went to a local farmers market.  It was a week day so we had the whole pumpkin "patch" to ourselves.  I must say, it was less stress and more of an intimate experience.  Jayce and Mason ran wild, picked their favorite pumpkins and got to ride a tractor.  Even though the tractor wasn't actually on, they enjoyed every minute of sitting in it.  Our trip to the patch reminded me that it isn't about where you go but who you are with.  Often times it's the little things or places that give us the best memories to hold on to.  I am thankful to document those moments and look back at them for years and years to come.