Nicole + Jack | Mommy and Me Session | The Meadows Frozen Custard | Colonial Williamsburg | Hampton Roads Lifestyle Photographer

I’m so excited to share this fun session of Nicole and Jack. Nicole reached out to me and said she wanted to a have a session with just her and her son, Jack. I asked her to talk about Jack before our session and I was told he was sweet and kind, loved ice cream and they love hanging out together. To make the session about their bond and the things they enjoy together, we began their session at The Meadows Frozen Custard in Williamsburg. Nicole shared how much Jack enjoys paying for the ice cream when they go out and those were the small but honest moments she wanted documented. I can’t tell you enough how much of an actual sweetheart Jack is and was during the entire session. They ate ice cream, laughed and snuggled on the front steps of the ice cream shop. When we got to our second location in Colonial Williamsburg, Jack noticed a park and really wanted to play so we let him lead the way. The great thing about a session that is a mix of documentary is that the children guide. This is so helpful in making it an enjoyable experience for them which will also make it stress-free for you. Let them run, let them play, i’m here to capture the honest love and personality of your family.

As the sun began to set, outfits were changed and we entered Colonial Williamsburg for the second half of the session. I loved meeting and getting to know Nicole and Jack. Their bond is strong and love is sweet. Capturing memories was so important to Nicole and that we did.

Rob + Lydia | Rooftop Wedding | The Graduate | Richmond Wedding

Spontaneous decision to say “I do” on a rooftop?!? Hell yeah!! I was so excited when I first chatted with Lydia two weeks before the wedding haha. Everything worked out perfectly that I would get to capture their intimate and fun wedding. Lydia and Rob were surrounded by their closest friends and family who traveled from as far as Hawaii and the Phillipines to be with them! Their simple ceremony took place on the rooftop at The Graduate hotel which gave us Richmond city views. As family and friends made their way up, we gathered around to watch Rob and Lydia get married and exchange ring pops. Hahah! Any Parks and Rec fans?! Once the ceremony was over, we took the elevator down to the lobby where dinner, dancing and drinks happened! While it was a short celebration it was filled with lots of love, sooo much laughing and happy tears.

Children's Session | Fort Monroe Beach | Hampton Roads Lifestyle Photographer

I always love photographing kids being kids! They go by their own rules, they act more freely and if they're into the environment, they really let go! The Pierre girls were everything and more. It was a bit of a chilly day but they went straight for the water and watching them gave me so much life. Hearing them laugh and almost get taken out by waves yet still have the biggest smile on their faces was refreshing and inspiring.

True story- when I lack inspiration or feel like I'm in a rut, I photograph my kids. Every time, I learn a new way that I want to capture raw connection. They fill me with inspiration, remind me to let go and most importantly be free!

Franz Family | In-Home Family Session | Seaford, Va.

While most of my sessions take place outdoors, I absolutely love those times I get in-home sessions, too! Especially when the summer temps reach 90+ degrees.  With that being said it was SO awesome to be welcomed into the Franz family's gorgeous home and get to know them. Our time from beginning to end flowed effortlessly as the children guided the session.  We first hung out in the living room where sweet little princess Liv showed me a book that she was really proud of... as well as her favorite dolls and toys. Then we made our way to her room for more toys, tiaras and dolls and wrapped up our time in baby Julian's nursery.  I enjoyed every minute with the Franz family.  They are so incredibly sweet and welcoming.  Along with natural light, love also radiated through their home.

Mr. + Mrs. Flavin | Country Villa Inn | Virginia Beach, Va. | Virginia Beach Wedding

Return to Innocence | Hampton, Va. | Personal Work

I'm a part of a storytelling photography group that does weekly challenges. This weeks challenge was to gain inspiration from a song and essentially get lost in the song.  While I was editing the other day Return to Innocence by Enigma played and it instantly brought me to a moment of peace and nostalgia. If you've never heard this song from the early 90's, you're missing out. I always loved the song but listening to it now, much older, I have deep appreciation for the lyrics. The idea of returning to your innocence is essentially letting your soul be free. Free to express yourself, free to feel deeply and free to explore and connect with your own self. 


"That's not the beginning of the end
That's the return to yourself
The return to innocence.


Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence.

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself don't hide
Just believe in destiny.

Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance
To return to innocence."

During our session, Dawn and I explored to the sounds of Celtic music, The Cranberries and Enya. We truly got lost in the moment. It almost felt like a dream. As if her and I were in a new world discovering everything for the very first time with much innocence.

Mr. + Mrs. Cameron | Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club | American + Australian Wedding | Virginia Beach, Va.

"We knew leading up to the big day there were a lot of details that were out of our control. Our prayer was one that all the details big and small would be worked out and that the day would be incredibly special. Anne's mom has been battling cancer for the last 8 months and having her at the wedding and feeling good was a major desire for each of us. A few weeks prior to the wedding Monica received great news and was able to participate in all the planning and festivities in the days leading up to the wedding. The weather was another detail we knew we had no control over. The forecast on the Monday prior to the wedding predicted rain from Wednesdaythrough Sunday. We were forced to forfeit our plans for an outdoor ceremony and reception. Although disappointing, we felt complete peace about the decision. Come Friday, just before the ceremony, it began to rain. It sprinkled as the ceremony began and by the ceremony's end, the rain was finished. We were able to gather outside on the lawn for photos and throughout the reception. The rain even cooled down the temperature! We are blessed beyond words and truly feel like May 18th was the perfect day!"
-Anne and Johnny

The moment I met Anne I instantly knew that she and I would be an amazing fit.  Even with everything going on with her mother, she was chill and sure of how she wanted her wedding day documented. She wanted people laughing, dancing, drinking, eating and enjoying the moment with her and Johnny. There was no bridal party, just her sister and Johnny's brother that would be standing by their sides. Leading up to the wedding they received great news about her mother, Monica, who's been battling cancer. At that point, rain or shine, it was going to be an incredible day and that it was. 

On their wedding day, Anne was gathered by her sister, parents and closest friends at the Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club as she got ready for the day.  There was nonstop laughter, smiles, champs and jokes.  You could feel the history between them all!

Johnny spent the time leading up to the ceremony drinking beer with his dad and brother. 

Anne and Johnny wrote letters for each other before the ceremony.  Anne wanted to exchange the letters but wanted to save the big moment of Johnny seeing her in her gown for the ceremony. So a door was found and we made it happen!  Immediately after she shut the door, she asked everyone " Does he look handsome?!?! I know he does!!" Her excitement, love and admiration for Johnny is just there. There is no denying it. She just knew her groom was looking handsome! 

As guests started to arrive and be seated, Anne and her father, George, made their way down. We had to go through the clubs gym to get to the exit that Anne wanted to enter the ceremony from. We couldn't help but laugh the entire time! As Amazing Grace was played on the trumpet by Jeremy Mangrum, parents and grandparents were sat. Then the music changed to Canon in D and it was time.  The ceremony was cheerful and filled with sooo much love. The rest of the day was live. The Janitors played and EVERYONE danced! I've honestly never seen dance moves like this before. The dance floor was never empty. I couldn't be more grateful to have such an intimate invitation to Johnny and Anne's wedding day.

Tommy Joe + Stephanie | Forest Hill Park | Richmond, VA | Engagement Session

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Tommy Joe & Stephanie.  I loved hearing about their story as we strolled through Forest Hill park.  These two love birds met while studying abroad in Copenhagen! UMMM ... COOLLLL!!! Copenhagen is somewhere I've always wanted to go so this was exciting for me.

Their proposal story - "After four years together, we decided in the fall of 2017 to get married. Tommy Joe proposed at the Devils Backbone Base Camp in Roseland, VA, where we attend the Hoopla Music festival every year. The festival is a celebration of craft beer, great music, supporting local businesses, environmental stewardship, and contributing to the local food pantry- all things that are of interest and importance to us. It was a beautiful and special place to commit to spending the rest of our lives together."

Their love was so natural! They joked around and really used our time together to live in the moment.