Sunset Anniversary Beach Session | Anne + Johnny | Virginia Beach Oceanfront | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

Know what I love more than seeing you on your wedding day? Getting the honor to see you time and time after the big day! I photographed Anne and Johnny’s wedding last year at the Cavalier Golf and Yacht Club, photographed their family last summer and this past week got to photograph them for their anniversary. EEEE!! It makes me SO SO SO happy to be a part of capturing Anne and Johnny’s milestones.

Before their wedding day, Anne told me presence meant more than portraits to her. On the wedding day instead of blocking off time for couples portraits, Anne and Johnny joined their friends and family for cocktail hour. This anniversary session was the perfect way to photograph them, together, married. Anne wore her wedding gown, made herself a bouquet and Johnny rocked some of his suit. This time they were joined by their newest family member, Carl.

The weather, evening and getting to hang out with this sweet couple was perfection. I’d love to see more anniversary sessions happening. What a sweet way to celebrate together!! Grab the champagne and let’s run on the beach!

Anna + Dalton | Engagement Session | Pleasure House Point | Virginia Beach Wedding Photographer

I met Anna, Dalton and their pup, Pyro at Pleasure House Point for their engagement session. The day couldn't have been any more perfect for several reasons: the light was just gorgeous, the weather was a perfect 78 degrees with a cool breeze, the water was warm, Anna and Dalton were as sweet as can be, they were down for an adventure and their pup was SOOO GOOD!! Pyro was AMAZING! Many times during our session he would sit by my foot while I photographed his parents. Just so incredibly warm and sweet. 

Anna and I chatted a ton before their session which was great because not only did I feel like I already knew her when I saw her in person but we were able to really put together a session that captured everything she wanted ~ ROMANCE + ADVENTURE.

Our session began in the most amazing golden light and ended with them doing what they love to do most: hangout, share some beers, hiking and camping!

Family Session | Mentoring Session | Fort Pierce, FL.

For spring break I packed up my family and we road tripped a long way south to Fort Pierce, Florida!  It wasn't just any ole trip!  I went to be mentored by my photography inspiration and idol, Twyla Jones.  I still can't believe that it happened and that she was just as amazing in person as she is with her online presence.  Finding a mentor was so important to me to continue my growth and education to better serve my clients.  This mentorship didn't disappoint and I can't help but feel so inspired and grateful for the experience.

On day two of my mentorship, Twyla arranged a gorgeous family session at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park.  She had the sweetest family model for us and provided some amazing outfits.  It took place at golden hour and didn't end until the park closed.  Following our session we all went out, model family and all, for a sushi feast.  I'm still on cloud nine from my trip and looking at these photos, I'm sure you'll understand why. 

Melissa | Fort Monroe | Hampton, Va. | Self-Empowerment Series

"I was nervous at first to model for Rebecca. As a fellow photographer, I’m so used to being BEHIND the camera that I sort of freeze in front of it. I begin to feel anxious and stiff, almost like I have no idea what to do. As a domestic violence/sexual assault survivor and a mother of two, my confidence is in the toilet. Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful husband who is always lifting me up and telling me how beautiful I am (He thinks I should be a model) but I just have the hardest time seeing what he does. From the moment Rebecca started prompting me on where to stand I felt at ease. I was free to be myself but when I’d get stuck or start to feel awkward she was right there giving me something to do with my hands or walk a certain direction and BOOM. Magic happened. I was super excited when we left the session to see what she captured because I actually felt insanely confident for once! I can’t wait to be in front of her camera again, absolutely 100% worth it! She’s a true artist, from one to another!"


Tiffany | Virginia Beach, Va | Women's Empowerment


"I will tell you this again and again and again; you are enough.  You are so incredibly enough."


Empowerment sessions are great for the soul and I strongly encourage them!  As people caught up in a thing called "life", I think we forget just how truly amazing we really are; inside AND out.


 When I arrived to Tiffany's apartment she had a kettle of water on the stove, matcha and a mug,  along with a goodie bag of cake pops waiting for me.  It was the warmest welcome and just got me more excited to capture her sweet soul. After my matcha, we picked out some outfits and walked a minute (literally) to a private beach outside of her Virginia Beach apartment.  How lucky?! The beach was empty.  It felt as if it was just ours for the moment.  Maybe it was the fact that it was 35 degrees but either way it felt intimate and personal.  We played music and just danced, twirled and laughed with each other.  It was a moment of pure freedom and bliss for us both.  

"It's like tapping back into the old careless, free-spirited me...maybe not knowing what to do or what's coming next, but being guided by HER free spirit. I felt so comfortable with her, just being able to be me---unsure and vulnerable.  At one point I wasn't sure if what I was doing was working for the camera or her vision, but then she laughed and I started laughing too. I know that she is genuine. It was easy and effortless from that point on. I was glad to be her teacher and her student...and vice versa. Seeing the photos afterwards is just complete magic, where I realize she captured the freeness that I was feeling, even when I've forgotten that I'm free."