Spring Break Pt II | Galway, Ireland | Traveling Photographer

On our final day in Galway we finally got our Irish breakfast at Keogh's Of Kinvara. An Irish breakfast is: sausage, bacon, blood sausage or as they call it pudding, beans, fried eggs, mushrooms and toast. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD! We washed it down with beers because when in Ireland! The place had a real local charm to it. Service was great and friendly.

After our breakfast we drove to Menlo Castle. The castle definitely felt more like an estate but either way it was gorgeous. We had the whole entire place to ourselves and our only company were the birds flying around and chirping. If you think this sounds like a damn fairytale it’s because it was! Take a look and see for yourself.

Our last and final thing on our list for Galway was to hike the Cliffs of Moher. It was a 90 minute drive from our chalet. The trip took us through nothing but country roads and cute villages. If you followed me on instagram throughout my trip I shared some of our excitement for the drive up to the cliffs. By excitement…. I mean terrifying. In Ireland the roads are pretttyyyy narrow. Add on driving on the left side of the road and a series of sharp turns up a corkscrew road and yeah.. TERRIFYING. Once you get there it makes it all worth it. We got lucky with a gorgeous day when we went. It was mid 50’s, sunny and blue skies. The hike is 8 euros per person but if you order your tickets online it is right around 6 euros per person. So buy tickets for anything you can in advance. Even if its just 5 minutes before you arrive or in our case, pulling up to the ticket booth.

Casey | In-Home Birth | Black and White Documentary Photography | Suffolk, Virginia

I’m pretty sure that every photographer has a photography bucket list. Something on my list was to document a birth. In-home, hospital, didn’t care. Documentary photography is something i’m passionate about and what better way to experience that than with a birth. Birth photography is something that was new to me. I didn't know truly what to expect I just knew that being on call meant, at any time, anywhere, I’d have to stop what i’m doing, grab my packed up camera bag and haul my ass over. When I received the text that it was time, my adrenaline started pumping, I quickly took an exit on the interstate and made a U-turn to head to Suffolk.

When I arrived midwives greeted me as they took notes and I just started documenting. About an hour passed when we heard “she’s coming” and it all happened. So quickly. So beautifully. A baby girl was born.

I don’t think I can ever forget this experience. I’m in awe of the strength women have. As a woman who’s had children herself, I felt her pain, I felt the love and I wanted to document just that.

Welcome to the world, sweet girl, Talullah Moon.

Trip to the Virginia Zoo | Norfolk, Virginia | Mason

The weather has been a hot mess this past month. We have found ourselves spending more days indoor and I can't lie... it's been making us a little cray!  I was invited by a couple other moms to go to the zoo and we couldn't turn it down!  The weather was amazing! It was the perfect balance of overcast(my favorite) with sunny moments. We started out at the barnyard where we saw cattle, sheep, sleeping pigs and more.  We traveled through Africa, Asia and Australia ending our trip with a perfect, calm train ride.  We had a great time, ate popcorn and pretzels and explored!