Megan + Parker | Hampton Yacht Club | Hampton Roads Wedding Photographer

Megan and Parker’s sweet day began at her dads house where they both got ready and met in the backyard for a first look. From the moment I arrived until the very moment I left, their was so much excitement, love and energy. During their reception, Megan, Parker and I snuck off to the dock where they got cozy and took in all of the excitement from the day as the sun set. After photos they returned back to their family and friends on the dance floor and danced the night away.

As I was photographing details, I heard someone choking up over my shoulder. It was Megan’s grandmother standing there, holding her camera, crying and she looked at me and quietly said “that belonged to my mother. She made that.” She then went on to tell me all about her mother’s talents with stitch work. I asked her if she wanted a photo of the hanky on her own camera. She was hesitant as she said she did not want to disturb me. Once I assured her she was in no way disturbing me, she happily took a photo and then let me take a photo of her with it. These are the sweet, quiet yet significant moments that I adore capturing. Megan only wore pieces that meant something to her and once belonged to someone she holds forever in her heart.

The room was relaxing as Megan got ready. She had the people closest to her in the room, they drank mimosas and laughed hysterically as we had a zipper incident with a bridesmaids dress. DAMNIT, THERE’S ALWAYS THAT ONE ZIPPER! It was all good and we got the dress on without harming any updo curls.