About me


Hello, I'm Rebecca!!  I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Hampton Roads, Va.  I'm married to my best friend, Tom.  Yeah, Yeah, I know.  So cliche but it's a fact!!  That's my dude!  I'm also a mama bear to two kick ass boys, Jayce and Mason. Thanks to photography i'm learning to love outdooring. You know, when you go outside and don't complain about every single thing like grass and bugs.  I'm a music fanatic and my husband can say that I usually know the lyrics to every song that comes on.  I'm a pretty casual gal.  I never really did grow out of the band tee, jeans and Vans phase.  My wardrobe consists of black, black, black and maybe some floral here and there.  I love to sing and dance even though i'm pretty bad at both.  Finally, I love storytelling and I absolutely cannot wait to tell and share your unique story. 


Get to Know me More

I'm originally from New York, so I've always been a city girl at heart.

I'm a 90's gal and still jam out to MMMBop and re-watch movies like: 10 Things I Hate About You, Now and Then, Pulp Fiction and Clueless.

Disney movies will always be relevant to me.

- I love to travel!

- I'm not much of a coffee drinker. Matcha is my jam and I can make you a killer matcha latte.

- I've always dreamt of living by the ocean even though i'm terrified of getting in it. 

- Some of my favorite days were spent hiking. 

- I'm a new plant mom. So far I am keeping the babes alive. 

- I'm no fan of winter.  Snow is a no from me.